Submission Process


Registration for the highly anticipated YCS Competition 2023 opened in May 2023 and garnered an overwhelming response from aspiring innovators, teachers, and students alike. Due to the high demand and numerous participants, we have extended the application closing date to accommodate everyone interested.

  1. Application closing date – 15th August 2023
  2. Project Submission – 15th September 2023
  3. Judging Process (Round 1) – September 2023
  4. Judging Process (Round 2) – October 2023
  5. YCS winner Selection – October 2023
  6. YCS Awards – November 2023

To secure your place, click and complete the online registrations form today. Click on the link to get started – YCS Competition 2023

You will be notified with the project submission link on or before the application closing date. 


  • Important Notes:

    • Please be aware that the provided dates and procedures are subject to change based on decisions made by the respective authorities.

    • For the latest updates, stay tuned to our website page announcements and follow us on our official Facebook and other Social Media pages.

    • Before submitting your application and project, we strongly advise you to carefully read and follow the instructions and guidelines provided to avoid any disappointments.


Project submission portal will be closing on 15th September 2023.

Please refer to the project upload guideline before submitting the completed project:  The completed projects should be uploaded along with the application form certified by the principal of the school.  Please click the button to obtain Principal Certified Form:  Please refer for submitting the project to the portal. Steps to follow:

How To Upload The YCS Project Files

How To Upload The YCS Project Files | Sinhala

How To Upload The YCS Project Files | Tamil

How To Upload The YCS Project Files | English