Igniting the Spark: The Resounding Success of the YCS Awareness Session 2023

Calling All Tech Geniuses: Join the 22nd YCS Competition 2023!

Excitement is in the air as we gear up for the thrilling 22nd Young Computer Scientist (YCS) Competition 2023! The stage is set, and our journey has just begun with an electrifying Awareness Session with 100+ participants that left us all inspired and eager to witness the magic that young minds can create through technology.

Organized by the prestigious FITIS (Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka), the YCS Competition has long been a platform for young tech enthusiasts to showcase their exceptional talents and innovative ideas. The recently held Awareness Session, led by distinguished industry experts, offered a tantalizing glimpse into the vast world of opportunities that await the participants.

The Awareness Session commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Dinesh C.A. Sattrukalsinghe, the esteemed CEO of FITIS. His words set the tone for an evening of excitement, learning, and boundless possibilities. Mr. Indika De Zoysa, Chairman of FITIS, took the reins, sharing the organization’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of technology through YCS. His vision to empower young talents and nurture a generation of tech pioneers left everyone inspired and excited.

Mr. Sanjaya Dayananda, President of FITIS Software Chapter, unveiled the world of YCS, APICTA, and webinars. His presentation highlighted the boundless opportunities and global exposure that awaited the participants, sparking curiosity and anticipation.

Vasana Edirisooriya, Director of ICT at the Ministry of Education, unveiled the potential of technology in redefining education. Her insightful talk showcased the revolutionary initiatives that would empower students to be future-ready through digital learning.

The highlight of the session was undoubtedly the remarkable success story of Mr. Dhanika Perera, the visionary Founder of Helakuru and Helapay, and CEO of Bhasha Lanka Pvt Ltd. His journey from a young innovator to a trailblazing industry leader inspired everyone, proving that relentless passion and hard work can conquer any obstacle.

Dr. Kaneeka Vidanage, Senior Lecturer from General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, mesmerized the audience with the wonders of Artificial Intelligence. Her insightful presentation highlighted the vast applications of AI and how it has the power to reshape the world.

Understanding the judging process is paramount to succeeding in the YCS Competition. UCSC (University of Colombo School of Computing) expertly elucidated the criteria, equipping the participants with the knowledge to present their projects with confidence.

The YCS Awareness Session marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, setting participants on a path to technological brilliance. The event’s resounding success was a testament to the collective commitment to innovation and the power of knowledge-sharing.

With the Awareness Session behind us, the YCS Competition 2023 is now in full swing! The application submission deadline is approaching fast, scheduled for the 15th of August. The stage is set for young tech geniuses like you to unleash your innovative ideas and create technological marvels that could shape the future.

With the YCS Competition application submission just around the corner, the stage is now set for young tech prodigies to unleash their creativity and shape the future through technology. The success of the Awareness Session foreshadows a competition filled with brilliance, as young minds gear up to make their mark on the world.

Final Call:

To all young participants, teachers, and parents, the YCS Competition is your chance to shine and make a real impact on the world through technology. Apply through www.ycs.lk

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